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Air Boom

There are many advantages using our Venturi low volume fine droplets sprayers over liquid boom sprayers. 


Less Time In The Field - Our sprayer will spray from 2 to 4 times longer between fill-ups than a liquid boom sprayer with the same size tank.


More Chemical Droplet Per Acre - Our sprayer will produce over 200 fine micron droplets for every spray droplet applied by a liquid boom sprayer. 


Even Distribution of Concentrated Spray - The flow of air, thoroughly saturated with fog-sized droplets of spray, penetrates in and around all areas of each plant. The homogeneous mixture of air and spray liquid covers even the undersides of plants.


Complete Pesticide Coverage - The remarkable atomization of the liquid allows the air from the sprayer to carry the tiny droplets in suspension form. The fog sized (50 microns) droplets stick to the plant surface and deposit the chemical instead of dripping and running off onto the ground.


Better Product Utilization - The chemical product is distributed entirely over the crop and stays adhered to the plants, the secret is in the atomization. Other sprayer emit irregularly sized large drops (up to 250 times larger) that run together, drop and run off the plants surface to the ground. Spray run-off equals 25% wasted material.


Nozzles Adjust to Direct Spray Only On Crop - The Gearmore Venturi Air Boom Sprayers outlets are completely adjustable (360 degrees) so they direct all of the spray at the plants. With nozzles set at an angle and powerful air turbulence, chemical coverage of the complete plant is obtained. Row spacing is easily adjusted without tools.

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